About KDBS         회장인사말


President of Korea Database Society Myeong-Gil Choi

We are moving into a data-intensive complex society. The abundance of data is transforming the competence of corporate world and market system. Smart use of data plays a key role in the innovation in the life of professionals, business people, and virtually every individual of post- modern society.

Korea Data Strategy Society(KDSS) aims to contribute to the desirable evolution of the smart use of information technology and data resources. As a voluntary and academic community of scholars, professionals, researchers and students, the society hopes to play as a platform for the exchange of research results, knowledge, and experience. It also hopes to the base of active communication between academic world, industry, and public institutes.

KDSS has also been trying to interconnect scholars from different part of the world. The key to this effort is the International Conference on IT Applications and Management (ITAM, www.itamsociety.org). ITAM conference has been held in Korea, China, Japan, India, Nepal, Turkey, Thailand, and Indonesia. ITAM conference celebrating its twenty fifth aggregation in our winter meeting, has served as an active and friendly knowledge context despite of Corona Pandemic. The publication of its academic journal, Journal of IT Applications and Management (JITAM, ISSN: 1598-6284(Print), ISSN: 2508-1209(Online)) indexed in KCI (Korea Citation Index) is also at the heart of the knowledge exchange(www.jitam.or.kr).

As the president of KDSS, I welcome all the members and non-members to the events and activities led by the society. Together, we will be able to further evolve our tradition of sharing goodwill and intelligence for the sustainable betterment of modern, technology-abundant, and information-intensive social and economic life.

Jung Seung Lee
President of Korea Data Strategy Society
Associate Professor of Hoseo University