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발표자료4: D 세션_16th ITAM-2016.6.22-24
글쓴이: 관리자
조회: 2209
등록시간: 2016-08-24 10:43:49

Session D1

- Devastating Earthquake in Nepal: Victims Relief Cash Transfer Through Branchless Banking

Mahesh Maharjan, Subarna Shakya, Pratima Pradhan (Nepal)

- The Conceptualization of Marketing Practices: A Multiple Perspectives

Eric Cheng, Oliver H. M. Yau (Hongkong/Australia)

- A User Perspective on Smartphone by Using Conjoint

Dulan Sayassatov, Namjae Cho (Korea)

- Online Music Purchase Intention

Myeongil Choi, Ahene Shin (Korea)


Session D2

-  Impact of Access Types to Internet Vendors through Mobile Phone on
Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Compatibility, and Intention to Use

Wimonporn Weerapanpong, Pimmanee Rattanawicha (Thailand)

- Practice of ICT for Effective Implementation of Internal Control System and
Internal Audit in the Context of Nepalese NGOs

Sarika Amatya (Nepal)

- The Conceptual Model for Interactive Mirror System Design: Using Nike Interactive Mirror Case

JeongYun Choi, Yang-Hee Nam, Gyeung-min Kim (Korea)

- Leadership of Information Security Managers for the Awareness of Information Systems Security

Jeongsuk Song (Korea)


Session D3

- Impacts of User Participation in Feasibility Planning On Use of Business Intelligence Systems

Sung Kun Kim, Nam Gyu Kima, Nam Young Im (Korea)

- Relevance of Multivariate Analysis in Management Research

Sateesh kumar ojha (Nepal)

- Selection Test and Predictability of Job Performance of the Employees

Sateesh kumar ojha (Nepal)

- Analysis of the Contribution of Community Forestry in Meeting People’s Livelihood in Nepal

Dwarika Upreti (Nepal)

? A Continuous Evaluation Processes for the Execution of Information Security Management

Eunju Park, Jaehoon Jung, Myeonggil Choi (Korea)


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