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발표자료2: B 세션_16th ITAM-2016.6.22-24
글쓴이: 관리자
조회: 2215
등록시간: 2016-08-24 10:33:19

Session B1

- Learning and Usability of Accounting Information Visualization

Uthai Tanlamai (Thailand)

-  The Right Human Resources Management Programs to
Improve Quality Service of Online-Based Transportation in Indonesia

Yanki Hartijasti (Indonesia)

-  The Moderation Effect of Emotional Knowledge on the Agility of
Global IS Project Manager

Eun-Sook KIL, Gyeung-min Kim (Korea)

-  Mobile Business Model for Future Economy: The Use of Mobile Technology to
Enhance the Capability of Nepalese Agro Entrepreneurs

Hari Raj Rajaure (Nepal)

-  The Effect of Work-Life Balance on Organizational culture of
Capacity and Innovation

Namjae Cho, Hyungju Lee, Seunghee Oh (Korea)

- Generalized Ecosystem of Ethnic Cultural Industry and
Evolution Towards a Cyberspace

Weihui Dai, Xuan Zhou, Ruonan Fang, Li Denga, Xinshuang Zhao (China)

- A Study on the Information Security Effectiveness by the
Organization’s Strategy

Myeonggil Choi, Eunjoo Park (Korea)

- A Study on Improvement Methods and Influencing Factors for
Overcoming the Death-Valley of Technology-based Start-up

Chang Young Lee, Jinsoo Kim (Korea)


Session B2

- Open Government Data Assessment Framework: A Case Study of Public Organizations in Thailand

Chatipot Srimuang, Uthai Tanlamai (Thailand)

- Developing Customer Lifetime Value Indexes Focusing on the Casino Industry

Pyung Yong Park, Jaehoon Whang (Korea)

- A Review of Antecedents and Consequences in Social Media Research

Huimin Mu, Taesoo Moon (Korea)

- Perceived Customer Value and Repurchase Intention in Overseas Online Shopping: The Role of Switching Cost

Hansuk Lee (Korea)


     Session B3


- Work-Family Human Resource Bundles and Emotional Labor:
Based on the Mediating Effect of Psychological Well-being of Hospital’s Works

Yoo Woo Lee (Korea)

- The Role of Relational Leadership and Social Alignment in Information Security Management

Yun Ji Moon, Myeonggil Choi (Korea)

-  Act of Online Review Fixation on Customers’ Overall Perception and Purchase Intention

Suchawadee Sontikhun, Pimmanee Rattanawicha (Thailand)

- A Study on Trickle-down Effects for Information Security Effectiveness

Myeonggil Choi, Donggun Lee (Korea)



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